McMahon-RNT Irish Dance 

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The Beginner dance season at the McMahon-RNT Irish Dance goes from September to June but registration is open all year long for GIRLS AND BOYS as young as 4 years old if space allows. We also offer a summer camps in July/August for the dancers who would like to start or continue lessons while school is out.


We're not sure yet, can we attend a class first?

YES! Fill out a Trial Class Request we are happy to let your dancer attend a Trial Class to see if they like Irish dancing. Request Trial Here

Does my dancer have to commit right away?

No, we suggest your dancer first take 'Intro to Irish Dance 6-week Session'! Give it a try for 6 weeks and then decide if they would like to continue.

What do I need to start?

1.    Shorts (no jeans)

2.    T-shirt/tank top

3.    Ghillies, ballet slippers, or jazz shoes. Socks until shoes are purchased. No Bare Feet!

4.    Hair in ponytail 

5.    Water bottle

After the first couple of classes it is encouraged you invest in something for their feet, whether it be used or new ghillies (Irish dance soft shoes) or some ballet / jazz shoes from Target or Payless.

What Age does my child have to be?

While the average age of our Beginners are 4.5-10yrs, we also accept 11 and 12 year olds and put them on a more accelerated track to catch up with dancers their own age. Contact us for class placement. 

When are classes?

Winter-2020 class days for Beginners:  Monday's 5:00pm, Tuesday's 5:00pm, Tuesday's 5:45pm,  If you're a newcomer joining mid-season - be sure check out our "Intro to Irish Dance" 6-week Session page for class schedule. Advanced dancers can find schedules within the DSP Parent Portal.

How much do classes cost?

Brand new Beginners are welcome to try an 'Intro to Irish Dance' 6-week Session for $60. If they would like to continue then they can join our Beginner class. Beginner classes are $45/month. The tuition is based on the Sept-June calendar and can be paid monthly/quarterly. Some months may have more or less classes than others. Missed classes are encouraged to attend for make-up (if class is available), no credit will be given for missed classes.

Is there a Registration Fee?

No, however there is an annual registration fee of $25 per year for dancers continuing the following dance year. Beginner Sessions do not require a Registration Fee.

Does my dancer have to start in the Fall & continue all year?

No, we offer Intro-sessions in September, January, April and the Summer for dancers who wish to try Irish dance for a short-term. We do accept dancers throughout the year, contact to see the next available opening.

Who teaches classes?

Classes are taught by Certified instructors with teacher assistants in each class. The assistants are used to help dancers who might need a little extra time on a dance or to catch up a dancer if they have to miss a class.

What is the commitment involved? (Shows, St Patrick's Day Parade, Recital)

In the first few years of classes all dancers are encouraged to participate in the recital, performances (dance-outs) and parades that take place throughout the year if you desire. Our young Beginners are always the show stoppers and we find it’s great for them to start getting out in front of an audience early. Dance-outs take place all year long with our busiest time in March and most are up for volunteer. Beginners dance in a McMahon T-shirt and skirt so the cost to participate is minimal.

Do Boys Irish Dance?

YES and the 1st month is FREE if joining our Beginner classes. No special shoes or registration is required to start. Boys wear shorts & T-shirt, socks or jazz shoes. If after the 1st month he wants to continue then Registration needs to be completed and his Beginner classes are 1/2 off the next 3 months!  


Beginners ages 5/6+ are given the opportunity to participate in competitions that are held mostly over the spring and summer months, if they are ready to dance independently in front of a judge. For dancers who are younger there are a couple of local competitions that they are welcome and encouraged to participate in. Competition Costume? The Beginners can wear a simple leotard & skirt for competitions.

What if I want to dance just for fun and exercise?

We also have dancers who come for fun and exercise and only participate in classes weekly so each family determines their own level of involvement.


All communication is done by email and online through our website. In our Member’s area on the site we have an active Facebook Private group, family directory, for-sale section as well as other tools for the families in the dance school.

Adult Classes?

We do not offer Adult classes. Former Irish dancers attending a local college are welcome to come dance for exercise & performance, please contact directly.

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